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  • Brand: 3DArtDigital
  • Product Code: Casting OR
  • Availability: In Stock
Product Details
Material Plastic
Magnets Includes magnets for easy assembly and simple interaction with add-ons. VIDEO assembly with magnets https://goo.gl/vTeyVM
Scale 1:11
Finish Unpainted and unassembled
Number of Parts 26
DESCRIPTION This Add-on equips the Raider with Dual Flails, Spined Armor, and a Big Glaive! Raiding relies on shock tactics and fear. All orc raiders know that a terrified enemy is far easier to kill. With this in mind, raiders often done terrifying armor covered with jagged spines and wicked edges, making the armor both a source of protection and a deadly weapon. They charge in swinging heavy flails, pulping flesh and rending bone, sending parts flying and sowing terror into their victims. Should any choose to still fight after this terrifying display, the raider will draw his big glaive, and cleave his opponent in twain with a single, massive blow.
Information Intended for ages 14+
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Tags: Casting, Orcs, Add-ons


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