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Ben Sheppard
Received the package today, and it's honestly overwhelming. Thank you so much for delivering such a quality product! I can't wait to get the Drummer and Dwarf Head.
Russell Webb
3DArtDigital -- thanks very much for the delivered miniatures yesterday. The large-scale designs are great. No bubbles, mold slips, or overt mold defects whatsoever that I could find, and zero damage during the transit halfway around the world.
Carrie Rodler
YAY! I finally got the 28mm bundle! FANTASTIC JOB! The detail is crazy awesome! It's worth the wait for sure! I can't wait to paint these guys and bring them to the next D&D game.
Richard Willett
That's a great big pile of awesome, from zooming in on the parts they look really clean and detailed. Great work!
Cholubin Bido
Thank you for fantastic models!!!
Justin Smith
Got my Goblin Archer today and I can't wait to paint it! I may invest in the STL files even without a printer just to future proof! Amazing customer service as well! You all need to get this models!
Received and they are beautiful. The best models I have ever received honestly. I will definitely be looking to pick up what I didn't get in the campaign, and I will be here day 1 for whatever comes next!
Allan Williams
Received the 28mm bundle today, and very happy with the miniatures. Beautifully crafted and fit together well.